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Image attributes

AFL football: from 'Red Football - The 365 Toy Project' by davidd

Athletics Track: from 'ISB Track Meet' by Roman Boed

Australian Flag: from 'Australian Flag' by Christian Haugen

Basketball: from 'TF-150' by Fuzzy Images

Cross Country tape: from 20120204-West-Yorkshire-Schools-Cross-Country-01817.jpg by AdamKR

Netball: from 'Orkney A v Shetland A' by Rae Slater

Gym flooring: from 'The Court' by Jeff Kramer

Soccer ball: from 'Soccer Ball' by faungg's photo

Sports lawn: cropped from 'Corner Kick!' by ZeroOne

Table tennis net: from 'David Stillman Honorary Table Tennis Tournament!' by SparkFun Electronics

Volleball court: from 'After the game' by Ivan Bandura