Secondary Athletics (34 weeks ago)

Dates: Tuesday 3 April 2018 8:30am to 3:30pm

Categories: Year 8 - 12

Location: SA Athletic Stadium, 145 Railway Terrace, Mile End

2018_Secondary_Athletics_Booklet.pdf   (1.81mb PDF)
Secondary_Athletics_Stadium_Map.pdf   (365kb PDF)
2018_Secondary_Aths_Program.pdf   (400kb PDF)
2018_Secondary_Aths_Program_Grid.pdf   (330kb PDF)
Ready_Go_How_to_nominate_competitors.pdf   (984kb PDF)

Location map:

Primary Athletics (28 weeks ago)

Dates: Friday 11 May 2018 8:30am to 3:30pm

Categories: Year 3 - 7

Location: SA Athletics Stadium, 145 Railway Terrace, Mile End.

Primary_Aths_Program.pdf   (433kb PDF)
Ready_Go_How_to_nominate_competitors.pdf   (984kb PDF)
2018_Primary_Aths_Program_Grid_V2.pdf   (356kb PDF)
Primary_Athletics_Stadium_Map.pdf   (362kb PDF)
2018_Primary_Athletics_Booklet_Version_2.pdf   (1.68mb PDF)
Primary_Aths_School_Roles__Responsibilities.pdf   (368kb PDF)
2018_Primary_Overall_Results.pdf   (344kb PDF)
2018_Division_One_Prim_Aths_Results.pdf   (570kb PDF)
2018_Division_Two_Prim_Aths_Results.pdf   (606kb PDF)
2018_Division_Three_Prim_Aths_Results.pdf   (615kb PDF)

Location map: