About us


  • The South Australian Christian Schools Association (SACSA) exists primarily to give its member schools the opportunity for participation in the sports offered within this document.
  • The aims of SACSA Sports are to promote and develop Christian community within its member schools and to witness to each other and the wider community an authentic faith. Such an approach primarily emphasizes the following aspects of sporting competition:
    • The pleasure of both individual and team participation
    • The cognitive, aesthetic, expressive, physical, cultural and social benefits for each individual involved.
    • The cultivation of the most important character qualities and attitudes; principally good sportsmanship, persistence, courage and commitment.


  • SACSA's desire is to promote broad participation in sport as part of the curriculum in all Christian Schools in South Australia and undertake to increase the quality and quantity of such activities within existing school frameworks.
  • SACSA aims to provide avenues for the development for students who show ability in sports, with representative opportunities existing at both the local and national level.
  • SACSA’s main aim is to develop the collective spirit of unity, cooperation and friendship, in a positive, fun filled structured environment. SACSA Sports is characterised by fun, enjoyment, participation, competition, challenge, character development and social interaction. SACSA is highly committed to establishing a wholesome competition structure so that children and young adults can benefit from their experiences.
  • Wholesome competition that is commensurate with the age, interest and ability of each child emphasises participation rather than winning or losing.
  • Competition exists in the daily life of every child in sport and in most aspects of life.
  • Competition provides stimulation and challenges as well as the opportunity to apply, test and further develop skills in a game situation. Students should be satisfied with competing to the best of their ability and spectator behaviour should reflect this emphasis.
  • Participation, developmental experience and enjoyment are the intrinsic goals of competitive sport in primary and secondary schools.

If you have any further questions please contact the SACSA Executive Sports Coordinator